Schmoopy Calcium Levels

03.03.15 – Calcium = 11 (within normal range) (Creatine Kinase high at 416 (range = 10-200)
06.20.16 – Calcium = 10.7 (within normal range)
12.07.16 – Calcium = 11.4 (within normal range)
04.10.17 – Calcium = 12.8 (above high normal)
04.27.17 – Calcium = 15.3 (above high normal) (earlier this week, SubQ fluids, Lasix & diuretic in an effort to get Calcium under control)
04.27.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.41 (above high normal) (IV fluids)
04.28.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.4 (above high normal)
05.01.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.3 (on morning of surgery (prior to surgery)) (within normal range)
05.10.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.43 (above high normal)
05.16.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.88 (above high normal) - This is the highest it has ever been
05.17.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.64 (above high normal) but less than yesterday.

05.18.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.44 (above high normal) but going down.
05.19.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.36 (slightly above high normal)
05.23.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.12 (slightly below normal)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Schmoopy's Health Update - May 1, 2017 - Monday

First, I can't thank everyone enough for all the support, love, prayers and well wishes for Schmoopy.

We have gotten through the surgery phase of this journey.
  • It was a lonnnggg day. Brought Schmoopy in to hospital at 8:00am for consult and then surgery. They took him into the OR in the afternoon and finished around 5:30pm.
  • They had to operate to remove the tumor (cancer) and the swollen lymph node in his abdomen (where the cancer spread).
  • The lymph node was rather large...the size of a gold ball according to the surgeon.
  • Dr. Hawthorne (surgeon) was pleased with how the surgery went. She felt she was able to get the tumor and lymph node out cleanly and without any complications.
  • He's on heavy duty pain medications and will be resting in the IC overnight.
  • I expect to bring him home tomorrow around 5:00pm.
  • He will have very limited activity for the next 2-3 weeks so his incisions can heal well.
  • In about a week we should have results back from pathology to see if she was able to get clean margins.
  • We will also have to follow up with the oncologist for the next phase of treatment for this aggressive cancer.

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