Schmoopy Calcium Levels

03.03.15 – Calcium = 11 (within normal range) (Creatine Kinase high at 416 (range = 10-200)
06.20.16 – Calcium = 10.7 (within normal range)
12.07.16 – Calcium = 11.4 (within normal range)
04.10.17 – Calcium = 12.8 (above high normal)
04.27.17 – Calcium = 15.3 (above high normal) (earlier this week, SubQ fluids, Lasix & diuretic in an effort to get Calcium under control)
04.27.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.41 (above high normal) (IV fluids)
04.28.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.4 (above high normal)
05.01.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.3 (on morning of surgery (prior to surgery)) (within normal range)
05.10.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.43 (above high normal)
05.16.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.88 (above high normal) - This is the highest it has ever been
05.17.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.64 (above high normal) but less than yesterday.

05.18.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.44 (above high normal) but going down.
05.19.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.36 (slightly above high normal)
05.23.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.12 (slightly below normal)
05.29.17 – Ionized Calcium = 1.87 (above high normal)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Schmoopy's Health Update: April 10, 2017 - Monday

First I really want to thank every one of you for all your kind words, your prayers for Schmoopy and all your well wishes. It was such a beautiful out reach of care and support and I was really touched - thank you!

I took Schmoopy to his normal vet first thing this morning. We're mostly in a waiting situation right now and will be for the better part of the week. I don't have any concrete answers yet, but I don't feel quite as anxious as I did after leaving the emergency vet. (not sure if that's a false sense of comfort or not but in any case, I'll continue to hope it's nothing very serious.)

The plan: Obtain results from the blood work that was done today by my vet (results should be back tomorrow) and obtain the results of the urine culture that was done at the Emergency vet (results should come in toward the end of the week.)

Based on the results, my vet will assess at that time and determine what course of action is appropriate.

Regarding the "free fluid" in his abdomen, my vet indicated that it's normal and ok to have a little bit of fluid there.
Diabetes ruled out - my vet said there was no sugar in his urine. He tested this back in December and again today.

Regarding Cancer and/or other endocrine diseases - while he didn't rule anything out yet, he suggested to "walk before we run".

Other than that, Schmoopy is comfortable and mostly himself.
I'll keep you all posted on his progress. Again - thank you!

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