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    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Hmmm...'s always so much easier to bring the tree IN the house than it is to take it OUT of the house (of course, when I first get my tree, it is very nicely wrapped in netting that makes it easy to transport and easy to fit through my door (smile) It's also much more exciting and fun than the "take-down" process which includes my cutting off branches (making a mess) so I can get this thing to where it will fit through my doorway (smile)

    Geez Schmoopy and would think you two are exhausted from all the hard work! Just exhausted watching me, huh ?!? LOL

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    ra husky said...

    That's some pawsome snoopervising there mates! Play bows,


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    Canine Chronicle - Westminster 2010 Edition
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